Adapted Systems for the Tagging of Wildlife

Màquia Serveis Ambientals, pioneer in the design, testing and manufacture of flexible devices specially adapted for tagging of wildlife within the different works of research, study and preservation of wildlife. Our product line includes equipment and accessories for the correct management and also the most appropriate recollection systems for each species.

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    Bird Wing Tags
    These wing tags gather of the advantages of the traditionally wing tags employed Read more
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    Interdigital Tags for Pinnipeds
    Our brands are manufactured with flexible plastic sheets and are equipped with high durability in the hard marine conditions. Read more
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    Vertebral Tags
    Our vertebral tags of high durability fix with an adhesive to the vertebral plate of sea turtles, tortoises and other chelonians Read more
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    Portable Capture
    Portable capture without foundation. The bird trapping done by portable capture system requires no manual or remote enclosure. Birds, cross the entrance doors and they cant get out any more. Read more
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    Ear tags
    Our ear tags are made using plastic sheeting from the designs, shapes and colours recommended by the specialists of each species.Read more
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    Dorsal Taggings
    Our dorsal tags are made of flexible plastic sheets and are equipped with high durability for the hard marine conditions. Read more

What wing marks are used for?

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With the tagging wing attempts to alleviate the difficulty of identifying and controlling the birds
  1. The wing marks allow:
  1. Keeping track of the birds.
  2. They help to demonstrate the origin of the different species, ie, you can know how to mix different populations.
  3. They allow information about the social structure of marked birds.
  4. Knowing patterns and hunting behavior of individual birds.
  5. Help reduce illegal bird trade.
  6. They provide information on migration patterns.


All methods of marking and identification of birds have advantages and disadvantages. The most effective can be a combination of different methods. It is important to note that the method used to mark and identify each bird must be an individual method, ie, it must use the system best suited to each type of species.

So you have to know what their habits and what is the environment in which it feeds and reproduces the bird mark, this is essential, and must always be taken into consideration before choosing the most suitable marking system.

The use of a color or wrong size wing marks can also seriously interfere with vital processes, and severely affect the species that are to study and protect. The right choice can make the difference between success and failure of the project, study or work.

Our wing marks are fixed to the membrane by ear tags that possess both birds and bats in their wings and, thanks to limited nerve endings, practically causes no pain to the animal at the time of drilling.

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