Adapted Systems for the Tagging of Wildlife

Màquia Serveis Ambientals, pioneer in the design, testing and manufacture of flexible devices specially adapted for tagging of wildlife within the different works of research, study and preservation of wildlife. Our product line includes equipment and accessories for the correct management and also the most appropriate recollection systems for each species.

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    Bird Wing Tags
    These wing tags gather of the advantages of the traditionally wing tags employed Read more
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    Interdigital Tags for Pinnipeds
    Our brands are manufactured with flexible plastic sheets and are equipped with high durability in the hard marine conditions. Read more
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    Vertebral Tags
    Our vertebral tags of high durability fix with an adhesive to the vertebral plate of sea turtles, tortoises and other chelonians Read more
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    Portable Capture
    Portable capture without foundation. The bird trapping done by portable capture system requires no manual or remote enclosure. Birds, cross the entrance doors and they cant get out any more. Read more
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    Ear tags
    Our ear tags are made using plastic sheeting from the designs, shapes and colours recommended by the specialists of each species.Read more
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    Dorsal Taggings
    Our dorsal tags are made of flexible plastic sheets and are equipped with high durability for the hard marine conditions. Read more


What is biomass?

Biomass is all the organic matter found in the earth. As a source of energy, it has tremendous versatility, allowing different procedures obtained by both solid and liquid fuels and gas.

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What is Pellet?

The wood pellet fuel is a high performance eco caloric residue obtained from the pressing of radiata pine bark, of high quality. The raw material, wood waste should be clean without any chemical additives, it is compressed by a mechanical process achieving a homogenous fuel of high calorific value and low moisture content.




Economics: The pellet is 50% cheaper than fossil fuels. Using pellet you do not depend on the constant changes in the prices of other fuels.

Security:The pellet is stored without risk of explosion, not volatile, produces no smells, no leaks and if you play a pouring all you need is a broom. Pellet fuel is a non-toxic and harmless to health.
Comfort:To produce the same heat, the stored pellet occupies about three times less in volume than solid wood. The physical properties of the pellets make it able to be handled in a similarly way to a liquid, so that both are fully automatable transportation, filling the reservoir as combustion and cleaning. Burning pellet produces little smoke. For stoves is sufficient with a small tube to the front of his house.

Ecology: : It is a renewable energy source (with CO2-neutral). Using pellet, you contribute to a significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The pellet combustion is more efficient than the combustion of the fuel and therefore emissions are minimal. Decreases acid rain, because pellets does not have sulfur in its composition.

If pruning residues and mount cleaning are used to make pellets, the residue is revalued. This will encourage forest clearing, creating or improving wildlife habitats and preventing fires. The ash resulting from the combustion of pellets is minimal due to the high combustion efficiency (for an installation of 15 kW, about 25 kg of annual ash) and is completely biodegradable, even it is also a good fertilizer.