Adapted Systems for the Tagging of Wildlife

Màquia Serveis Ambientals, pioneer in the design, testing and manufacture of flexible devices specially adapted for tagging of wildlife within the different works of research, study and preservation of wildlife. Our product line includes equipment and accessories for the correct management and also the most appropriate recollection systems for each species.

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    Bird Wing Tags
    These wing tags gather of the advantages of the traditionally wing tags employed Read more
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    Interdigital Tags for Pinnipeds
    Our brands are manufactured with flexible plastic sheets and are equipped with high durability in the hard marine conditions. Read more
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    Vertebral Tags
    Our vertebral tags of high durability fix with an adhesive to the vertebral plate of sea turtles, tortoises and other chelonians Read more
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    Portable Capture
    Portable capture without foundation. The bird trapping done by portable capture system requires no manual or remote enclosure. Birds, cross the entrance doors and they cant get out any more. Read more
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    Ear tags
    Our ear tags are made using plastic sheeting from the designs, shapes and colours recommended by the specialists of each species.Read more
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    Dorsal Taggings
    Our dorsal tags are made of flexible plastic sheets and are equipped with high durability for the hard marine conditions. Read more




Biomass is all the organic matter found in the earth. As a source of energy, it has tremendous versatility, allowing different procedures obtained by both solid and liquid fuels and gas. Of vegetable or animal origin, including the materials derived from natural or artificial transformation. Any type of biomass comes from plant photosynthesis reaction, which synthesizing organic substances from CO2 of air and other simple substances, using the sun’s energy.

The energy can be obtained from biomass comes from sunlight, which through the process of photosynthesis, is used by green plants through chemical reactions in the cells, which take CO2 from the air and convert it into organic substances,
according a the reaction: CO2 + H2O (H-COH) + O2

In these processes of conversion of solar energy into chemical energy it is transformed accumulating in different organic compounds (polysaccharides, fats) and is incorporated and transformed by the animal kingdom, including humans, which reverses the transformation for goods consumption.