Adapted Systems for the Tagging of Wildlife

Màquia Serveis Ambientals, pioneer in the design, testing and manufacture of flexible devices specially adapted for tagging of wildlife within the different works of research, study and preservation of wildlife. Our product line includes equipment and accessories for the correct management and also the most appropriate recollection systems for each species.

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    Bird Wing Tags
    These wing tags gather of the advantages of the traditionally wing tags employed Read more
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    Interdigital Tags for Pinnipeds
    Our brands are manufactured with flexible plastic sheets and are equipped with high durability in the hard marine conditions. Read more
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    Vertebral Tags
    Our vertebral tags of high durability fix with an adhesive to the vertebral plate of sea turtles, tortoises and other chelonians Read more
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    Portable Capture
    Portable capture without foundation. The bird trapping done by portable capture system requires no manual or remote enclosure. Birds, cross the entrance doors and they cant get out any more. Read more
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    Ear tags
    Our ear tags are made using plastic sheeting from the designs, shapes and colours recommended by the specialists of each species.Read more
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    Dorsal Taggings
    Our dorsal tags are made of flexible plastic sheets and are equipped with high durability for the hard marine conditions. Read more

Bird Hood Management


Deprive of sight a creature of optical brain like birds has always been a very useful resource when unpleasant episodes of stress are caused by the required management of these species. Its use is indicated for the different aspects of the management and handling of these birds both in recovery centers during veterinary a treatment processes and the transport, as those involving countryside work capture, making biometrics, weighing and individual tagging. These leather hoods have covered birds falconry heads during centuries since its remote invention by Eastern falconers. Vaulted and spacious in the front to avoid irritate their eyes; they adapt perfectly well to each head of the raptor species. Its pampered craft development prevents light entrance through the seams which disturbs birds. His keepers facilitate an easy and quick placement and removal, while its wide entrances allow the bird to eat and return the pellets.

Handling Hoods
Thanks to the adaptation of different patterns of ancient hoods models, it has been possible to obtain a polyvalent hood, suitable for the use in different species of diurnal and nocturnal raptors. In this way Màquia puts these traditionally restricted hood to the handling of falconry birds for the service of management and conservation of populations of different species of Iberian raptors.

Custom made models

Therefore Màquia also offers the possibility of custom made hoods for the handling of any kind of ornithological species, ordering a model for a particular species to be designed from the biometry of the skull and the species specific characteristics.
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